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Anodyne Plastic Inc. markets compounds and recycles a wide variety of thermoplastics throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

  1. 1. Prime and near-prime thermoplastics:
  2. Some of our supply partners include Plastolite, a leading manufacturer of clear and color acrylics; Huntsman, a worldwide producer of chemicals and thermoplastics; NOVA, the worlds largest producer of polystyrene and supplier of specialty resins known as NAS and Zylar; and Samsung Corporation, an 80 billion dollar company and leading manufacturer of ABS and SAN.

  3. 2. Compounded and non-compounded materials:
  4. Under our own registered trademarks, DURACARB, a polycarbonate; COPRO, a co-polymer polyproplyene; and DURACLEAR, a clear thermoplastic material with impact resistance.

  5. 3. Recycled post-industrial and post-consumer thermoplastics:
  6. such as high-and low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and a wide variety of styrenes. We also serve as a recycler for such companies as Eastman Kodak Company, Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana, Subaru, and Whirlpool Corporation.

  7. 4. Converted Thermoplastic:
  8. marketed in extruded sheet form for the binder industry as well as for brochure boxes for the real estate industry.

    Anodyne Plastic Inc. is currently operating its manufacturing facility at 4825 Spring Street in Evansville, Indiana. We operate in a 53,000 square foot facility on nine acres near the Evansville Airport. Recently, we have completed engineering and blueprints for another 50,000 square foot expansion. The proposed expansion includes a rail siding which will accomodate 10 plus railcars, as well as grinding bays for reprocessing material. We expect the expansion to enhance our ability to repackage and compound materials at the best economic levels.

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