The WT Fund

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The WT Fund helps to close the gap between the tuition families pay and the actual cost of a rigorous, engaging WT education. The WT Fund provides opportunities for all our teachers to improve their practice, awaken their creativity, and challenge all students. Your annual gift to the WT Fund makes these investments sustainable.

The WT Fund not only powers the faculty, programs, and facilities that make WT a unique, innovative, and challenging place to learn and grow, but it also supports need-based financial aid that is so highly valued by WT families. Without this assistance, approximately one-third of our students would be unable to attend our school.

WT Fund Giving Clubs

  • $25,000+ Leadership Society
  • $15,000+ Thistle Club
  • $10,000+ Founder's Club
  • $5,000+ Second Century Club
  • $2,500+ 1887 Club
  • $1,500+ Portal Club
  • $1,000+ Fifth Avenue Club
  • $500 Morewood Club
  • $250 Kiltie Club

To make a pledge payable over time, please contact Alex Neal at 412-224-4644 or