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    Delegation of Spain CAF visited Shijiazhuang King
    Author:石家莊國祥運輸設備有限公司    From: 2024-3-20 15:22:00

        On March 14th, a delegation from CAF Spain, a leading railway vehicle manufacturer ranked fifth in the world, paid a visit to Shijiazhuang King. The delegation included the HVAC subsystem’s lead buyer, the HVAC supplier quality manager, the metro platform HVAC lead engineer, and Chinese representatives from CAF Spain. The purpose of their visit was to gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of Shijiazhuang King.


        During their visit, the CAF delegation conducted a site tour, explored the product line, and observed the production process, while also learning about King’s quality management system. Furthermore, they were briefed on King’s recent breakthroughs and achievements in the international market. The delegation expressed their admiration for King’s overseas performance, project experience, design capabilities, process maturity, quality control, and production capacity, as well as commending King’s refined management practices.


        This visit allowed CAF to delve deeper into Shijiazhuang King’s overall strength, and the delegation demonstrated a strong interest in collaborating with King. This event signifies that King’s competitiveness in the international market continues to be recognized, which lays a solid foundation for King to further expand its overseas business horizons.

    Contributed  Wang Li

    Photography   Lin Jing, Wang Li