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    KING Re-passes CMMI 3 Certification, A World Class Recognition in Software Capability
    Author:石家莊國祥運輸設備有限公司    From: 2023-2-27 14:39:54

    King continues to win CMMI Level 3 certificate since 2016.

    CMMI, which is also known as Capability Maturity Model Integration, is an internationally recognized authoritative standard for measuring enterprise software R&D capability maturity and software management level. It represents the most advanced software engineering management method in the world, is also the highest certification of excellent performance in the standardization, normalization and maturity of enterprise software research and development.

    KING has passed the review of CMMI3 certification again recently, which marks the company continues to stand in the world leading position in aspects of standardization, normalization and maturity of software research ability, process organization ability and project management ability.