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    BI, Digital Operation Soon Be Launched
    Author:Editor: Jing LI     From: 2022-1-17 13:34:27
    In 2021, the board of directors proposed the strategic policy of building King into "Single Champion" in the industry. Mr. Zhang Chao-rong, general manager of King, attached great importance to it and took charge of it himself in person, launching a creative and innovated project of BI (Business Intelligence) Management for Driver’s Cab. 
    After nearly half a year’s efforts through the consulting party, the implementation party and the King team, the first phase of BI has been successfully developed. A press conference was held in King on December 20, and it is scheduled to be officially launched on January 1, 2022. This is a milestone in the history of information construction of the company, a powerful engine to promote digital operation, and the first outcome of research progress towards the "Single Champion".
    At the conference, the consultant explained to the participants the management concept of using data visualization to diagnose the company's problems and achieve continuous improvement, as well as the ways and means of developing vision and its significance. He also summarized the BI phase one and explained the conception of BI phase two.
    The BI in King combines the industrial engineering thoughts and the characteristics of King. It has achieved two results on the first phase, namely enterprise image screen and digital operation command platform. Relying on the key performance indicators of enterprise operation determined in the phase one, and the sixty key process nodes of enterprise from order to payment collection, King uses BI to mine data from ERP, PDM, KingCloud and OA systems and conduct modeling operations, which comprehensively display the operation information of the company, make the overall operation and the performance of each process transparent and clear, so as to lay a solid foundation for identifying problems and making targeted improvements.
    The first phase of BI is just the starting point. In the second phase, node drilling will be carried out to deeply mine data, and substantive analysis and improvement will be made. The subsequent construction and optimization will be continued with the development of the company.
    BI has opened a new chapter for digital operation of King and made a solid step towards the goal of "Single Champion". We will continue to work hard to achieve the strategic goal set by the board of directors.
    Text: Yi ZHOU
    Photographs: Xiaofei YUE